A Gift that won’t cost the Earth - just one of the reasons to buy a gift voucher this Christmas

When doing the weekly shop last week, I saw what was possibly the most ridiculous gimmick of the year - chewing gum pots with Santa hats on top.  How many of the Earth’s precious resources have gone into that???  

It’s one of the hot topics of 2018 isn’t it?  We are becoming more and more aware of our consumption and whilst i liked to think I was quite thoughtful about what I consumed a year ago, I’ve definitely changed my habits this year.  I’m also trying to be more aware of what I buy this Christmas and from what I can tell, I’m by far the only one.

The tide isn’t just turning on single use plastic.  The Shop Local and #justacard campaigns around the time of Black Friday really shone a light on the importance of supporting local businesses rather than the massive multinationals with - some might say - dubious tax records. As the saying goes, ‘when you support a local business, a real person does a happy dance’.  I know first hand that this is so true.  

So, why am I banging on about saving the planet in a photography blog?  Well, let’s be honest, I want to do a happy dance!  I want you to buy one of my gift vouchers this Christmas but I’ve got to work harder than that to get you to part with your hard earned cash so, hear me out:

An actual, real gift voucher that you can write a message on and hand over, rather than having to print something on A4 paper.

An actual, real gift voucher that you can write a message on and hand over, rather than having to print something on A4 paper.

  1. Buying a gift voucher for a photoshoot will be treating someone to a luxury that they probably don’t feel that they can justify for themselves.

  2. A timeless way to capture the kids before they grow up

  3. A photoshoot can be booked in at a time to suit everyone involved so can be held off until the Spring or Summer when the weather is more appealing, or used to mark a significant event - the birth of a baby, a birthday, anniversary, just because…..

  4. A present for the wider family - grandparents are always going to treasure photos of the expanding family.

  5. A gift sold by a real life person who can discuss your requirements and create a bespoke package that your loved one will treasure. (& provide you with an actual card rather than you downloading and printing something on A4 paper).

  6. Bask in the glory that your purchase will mean one of those real life people are doing a happy dance.

Still need convincing?  Pop over to my gallery to see some of my previous work.  Details of all my packages are available on the Packages and Products page but if there is something particular you have in mind, get in touch and I’d be delighted to create something with you.

Even if a photoshoot gift voucher from me isn’t the present for you this year, I hope you will still consider supporting local businesses this Christmas, even if it is just a card.

Proud to support the #justacard campaign

Proud to support the #justacard campaign

Merry Christmas!