Mother's Day - Gift Inspiration for Dads

“it was a pleasure having you do our pictures and snatching a snap shot of our lives so beautifully, and will treasure, not only your  pictures of us but the memory of the day as well.”
Joe, father to Felix

Is there a little bit of your heart that sinks when it comes to buying a Mother’s Day gift on behalf of your children? 

You really value what the mother of your children does for them but that makes it so hard to find a meaningful, original present that can begin to represent the enormity of the role.

Do you want to find a gift that will really say ‘thank you’ on behalf of the kids, but will also become an investment and last far longer than a - albeit beautiful - bunch of flowers?  

How about a family photoshoot?  

Let me guess?  You’ve got 1000s of photos of the kids right?  But how many of them are somewhere more significant than your phone?  And, more importantly, how many of them include Mum?  I’m prepared to bet that the answer is not so many.

A photoshoot might sound like a horrendous thought at first; the kids will play up, your partner hates having her photo taken and you will all be required to stand together and pose awkwardly.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a collection of photos of you all though, some that you can really treasure and look back on as the years go by? 

Have I given you an idea?

So how do you begin to know how to choose a photographer? Surely one professional with a decent camera is the same as any other?  Well, no actually.  Take some time to think about the things that are important to you as a family and choose a photographer accordingly.  This will mean that you get a photographer that will fit with your outlook, and consequently images that you will all love.

I’m not the right photographer for everyone. If you ware a hugely confident family who want fairly formal or highly stylised studio images then I’m not right for your family.  If you want a bossy photographer who will tell you exactly how to stand, where to look and when to smile then I’m not the right photographer for your family. If you want bargin, same-day digitals to share on Facebook but eventually end up on a phone along with all the others then I’m not the photographer for your family. 

If however, you know a photoshoot will (secretly or otherwise) terrify your partner; you are a family who would rather be charging around outdoors than stuck inside; who are growing up fast but still small enough to charge around; who would appreciate building up a relationship with a relaxed photographer with a similar outlook to life and who would appreciate some beautiful wall art to adorn your lovely home and make you smile as the kids grow up then read on……

You will receive a real postcard size gift voucher to present

You will receive a real postcard size gift voucher to present

A gift voucher for one of my shoots will buy you a fun, outdoor photoshoot at a location that you all love, with a relaxed, informal photographer, but more than that, it will give you a collection of images of your family that you will all cherish for years.

My style is all about keeping in the background and letting you all be yourselves, while I capture your personalities and those little moments that are so easy to be forgotten as time goes by. I want you to have some fun as, to my mind, that makes the most timeless images.  I will then provide you with a collection of fully edited pictures on a gallery from which you can choose the ones you love and, if you choose, I can take care of the wall art to provide you with finished images ready to hang.

Have a look at my galleries to get a sense of my style, and if you think I am the right fit, then get in touch and I can work with you to create a beautiful, bespoke package to get that perfect Mother’s Day gift sorted.