If you’ve got this far, chances are you are interested in what I do but i bet you’ve still got a ton of questions, right? Hopefully I’ve answered at least some of them below but please drop me a line with any others you have and I’ll be delighted to answer them for you. Remember, there’s no such thing as a silly question!

Do you only shoot families with children or can you do adult groups too?

Although the majority of my bookings involve children, it’s definitely not all I do. It’s so easy for families - including my own - to focus on the kids and forget about the adults but this often means that the adult family connections get overlooked. I love it when I’m asked to photography adult family groups; these generational links are just as important to treasure as those with the kids.

Alex thought it was impossible to take a good picture of him but he’s already picked a few of himself that he loves!
— Rachel

I hate having my photography taken!

You’re not alone! Despite all we hear about the ‘selfie’ generation, most adults hate having their photo taken. My style is very laid back and informal and so very quickly you’ll forget I’m even there! I’m definitely not going to make you pose awkwardly and say ‘cheese’! I promise that afterwards you’ll be so glad that you are in the pictures and I like to think you’ll even love them!

We don’t have a particular favourite place to go. Can you suggest some locations?

Of course! I love to be out and about and so know loads of great locations. As a photographer, I’m very aware of light and seasons so I would be delighted to suggest some ideas that work best for that time of year. One of the things I love about my job is that I’ve been able to discover so many new places whilst out on shoots, all of which get ‘banked’ in my memory for future use. Therefore, whether you love the beach, the moors, the city or the woods, chances are I know a great place that would suit you.

Do you only shoot in Devon?

I am based in Exeter so inevitably most of my work is in Devon but I’m more than happy to travel further afield, be that Cornwall, Dorset, Somerset or the World. I love any excuse to get out and about and discover somewhere new.

What do you charge?

All my charges are listed on the packages and products page of my website. You can either buy a package or select from the menu. If you opt for the former, you can include additional items as you wish. All my prices are clearly listed and I promise there are no hidden charges at any point. If you have any questions at any point, just ask.

How do I pay?

I hope to be able to offer credit card payments soon but for the moment I accept bank transfer, cash or cheque. If this is going to be a problem, drop me a line and we can sort something out.

When do I pay and can I pay in instalments?

Usually I require the fee to secure the booking but I would be happy to take a deposit on booking then the balance just before the shoot date if this makes things easier for you.

What happens if the weather forecast for the day is bad?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could rely on the weather in this part of the world? It’s inevitable that the weather is sometimes going to be bad for the day we’ve arranged. I will keep an eye on the forecast in the week leading up to the shoot and if it looks like it will be a problem I will be in touch and we can come up with a plan. If it’s going to be a wash out then that usually means a rescheduling but sometimes we can come up with an alternative. I provide a lot more information about how to dress for a photoshoot whatever the season on my blog.

I will email you a link to your personal, password protected, online gallery where you can view all your final images, create a favourites list and share with family and friends should you wish.

I will email you a link to your personal, password protected, online gallery where you can view all your final images, create a favourites list and share with family and friends should you wish.

How do we get to see our final images?

After your shoot, I will edit all the images then provide you with a link to an online gallery where you can view them all, create a favourites list and share with friends and family if you wish. Once you have made your final choices for your products (as appropriate to your chosen package), let me know the file numbers and I will be straight on the case to get you your finished products.

How long will we have to wait to see our gallery?

Your final selection of approximately 30 pictures will be professionally edited by me personally and I will aim to get them completed 3 weeks after the shoot.

But you took so many pictures, why don’t we get to see everything you took?

Put simply, you wouldn’t want to! It’s inevitable that there will be some pictures that don’t work - someone was blinking, pulling a funny face, looking in the wrong direction, moving their hair out of their face…. I will use my professional judgement to select the best images that you will love and then I edit them to bring out the very best of you all. Trust me on this one!

Are they all colour or are some in black & white?

A mixture. The majority will be colour but I love the timelessness of black & white images and so will include some pictures in both. Some images work well in black & white whilst others don’t so I don’t provide all pictures in both. However, if there’s a particular image in your final gallery that’s only in colour and you would like it in black & white, I’d be happy to do another edit for you. Just ask.

Can you ‘photoshop’ me to make me look younger/thinner/taller/shorter?

Whilst I will am happy to do some tweaks to remove ‘temporary imperfections’, my style is very natural and therefore I believe that pictures should reflect the real person. Airbrushing every blemish and wrinkle is the preserve of the magazine editor and takes special skills and hours of time. However, if there is something that you are really self conscious about and that puts you off the idea of even having your photo taken then do let me know and we can sort something out, even if that is a particular hair style for the day or paying special attention to the light to accentuate different parts of you.

We are so indecisive! Can you help us with our final choices?

I’d be delighted to! The last thing I want you to do is to put your final selection in a draw with the intention of doing something with them at some point but never getting round to it. That would be such a waste!! Rather than email you a gallery, I could arrange another meeting to show you your final images and make suggestions about how you might display them. Alternatively, if you have seen the images but aren’t sure which to choice or how they might work, I would be delighted to offer some suggestions for framing based on your choices and or home decor. Just ask!

Something I’ve missed? Get in touch and I’ll be delighted to answer any other questions you have.