Fiona took some beautiful family photos of our newborn baby girl along with our 3 year old son. She handled the session in a very relaxed yet professional way, making sure we were all comfortable whilst using her expertise to take shots in the best natural light in our home. We now have the most beautiful gallery of shots capturing some precious moments we will treasure forever.
— Carol


Nobody can prepare you for the experience of being a new parent.  No matter how many people you've spoken to or how many books you've read, the reality of meeting your little bundle for the first time is beyond words.  There is something so incredible about the smell and feel of a tiny baby that is indescribable until you experience it.  Whilst these little things can only be captured in your memory bank, recording the tiny little features of a newborn is more achievable.  

Doubtless you will have hundreds of pictures on your phone of those little milestones but what about those moments of peace and tranquility that are harder to capture (or those slightly less peaceful moments that you may be too frazzled to capture??).   

It's amazing how quickly babies grow and how much you can forget about how small a newborn actually is.  I consider it such an honour to capture those precious early moments in a family's life together and provide some images that will be treasured and looked back on.  

As a lifestyle photographer, I will come to your home so you can feel completely at ease and don't need to worry about the logistical challenges of getting out and spending hours in a studio. My aim is to capture beautiful images of your family in the place where you are most relaxed.  

Maybe you have older children who want to be involved (or the family dog for that matter?) or you want some images of you all together?  Maybe you have spent hours decorating the nursery and want to capture some images in the beautiful environment you've created?  Maybe you want to remember the warts and all screaming fits that a newborn has the energy to muster?  I will take time to find out what you are looking for then spend my time in the background capturing what goes on.  

But babies are so unpredictable! How long does it take?


Of course they are and that's absolutely fine!  Unlike posed newborn photography, lifestyle photography doesn't need the baby to be fast asleep.   Roughly speaking, I aim to be with you for an hour to two but it totally depends on how the baby is feeling and I won't worry about the clock.  If your little one is fast asleep when I arrive then great, we can get some lovely shots of a peaceful little bundle from the start, but it is unlikely to be the case. If you want shots of feeding or changing then I can do that, or otherwise just wait until the time is right to start shooting.  Getting shots you are going to love is what my session will be all about and I can be totally flexible.  (I'm also a dab hand at nappy changing and tea making so I am happy to lend a hand where ever I'm needed.  I've been a new parent myself and I remember how all consuming it is!!!

Really loved your fresh approach and the lovely photos you took recently of our new grandson.
— David

Lifestyle or Posed?  It's all so confusing!

If you are unsure exactly what lifestyle newborn photography have a look at my newborn gallery.  The difference genres of newborn photography can be quite confusing and it is so important that you end up with pictures you love and treasure so I've written a blog post about the differences.  If you still have any questions about how it all works, get in touch and I'd be delighted to talk you though it some more.


OK, so there’s no doubt that the star of the show is the new arrival, but what about before they introduce themselves to the world? What about you?

Maybe you love the idea of capturing your baby bump body and if so, great! But, maybe the idea fills you with dread? I’ll be honest, I was definitely in the latter category when I was pregnant. However, now I look back and I’m really sad that I have one snap of me at that time. It is such an amazing, special time and you are probably looking fantastic. Not only may you regret not doing it, as your baby grows into a little person, I bet they will love the idea of seeing themselves in your tummy - well sort of!


Just like all my other areas, my style is very relaxed, I can meet you somewhere that has a special significance for you or I can come to your house and get some laid back shots where you are feeling most relaxed. If you would prefer some company, Dad can join in too and if you’ve got older children then having pictures with the bump are lovely to look back on. The ideal time to book a maternity shoot is when you are about 33-38 weeks pregnant. How about doubling up and going to a maternity and newborn package?