For as long as I can remember, I always wanted to draw and paint, and well, to be honest, I am utterly rubbish at both!! I can see an image in my mind but that never translates onto paper.  Maybe that is why I fell in love with photography?  It gives me the opportunity to create that image via another medium.  And I love it!  I love that I can meet people, capture photos and then create a collection of images that will last.   

I am a sociable, chilled out person who loves the beauty of the world around me. I drive my family nuts because I am always stopping to capture a view, a flower or some random thing I’ve spotted.  Either that, or I’m moaning because I have so much stuff to carry that I had to leave my camera at home (it never ceases to amaze me how much stuff little people seem to need on a trip out!!).

But every photographer will tell you that won’t they? (Well maybe not the bit about being rubbish at art…..or taking half the house on a day out, come to think of it).  Let me tell you a bit about what I don’t do:

I hate posing for photos so I hate posed photos too - you know that stand-there; smile; say ‘Cheese’ type of photo (‘cheese’ is such a bad word to say anyway because it makes people look like they are grimacing!).  These images can end up looking uncomfortable.  I won’t tell you to ‘stand there’, ‘look that way’, smile on command.  I am all about having fun and leaving me in the background.  To me, these are images which capture a smile, a personality, a shared moment, fun in a special place.

In order to get to know me a little more here are some random facts about me: 
  • Coffee is very much my drink of choice, closely followed by white wine - I have recently discovered the joys of Rueda Verdejo on a trip to Spain; I highly recommend it! 
  • I have a degree in Russian which has proved to be a fat lot of use to me, apart from that it was whilst living in St Petersburg that I first really discovered a passion for photography.
  • My favourite chocolate is probably Smarties - I have to empty the packet and divide the Smarties into colours before I eat them.  (It drives my husband nuts!)
  •  I was once - almost - in a Hollywood film when I inadvertently nearly shoulder barged Matt Damon at Waterloo Station. He was filming The Bourne Ultimatum.  My 15 seconds must have ended up on the cutting room floor.
  •  It is my dream to live somewhere where I can tell the state of the tide by looking out of the window.
  • I too have 100s of iPhone photos that I never get round to doing anything with.

As well as portraiture, I also love landscapes and floral photography. I produce greetings cards and prints from some of my images and occasionally attend craft fairs, particularly in the summer months. If there is an image in my galley that you would like as a print or canvas or would like some greetings cards, get in touch.  

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Landscape was my first love and one I still try to practice as much as I can.  I am lucky enough to live in a truly beautiful part of the world and travel widely around Devon and Cornwall, taking my camera whenever I can. Take a look at some of my images in the gallery.

Flowers & Gardens

Being able to spend time in a beautiful garden is a wonderful thing and if you feel that yours is looking particularly impressive this year and would like to remember it in a series of images, I would be delighted to come along and capture it for you.  Get in touch and we can discuss your requirements and the time you feel your garden will be at its best.

52 Week Challenge

For 2017 I am embarking on a 52 week challenge which involves taking a photo every week based on a set theme in one of three categories (portrait, landscape and artistic). The intention is that it will really push me out of my comfort zone each week. You can see how I'm getting on in the gallery or by following me on Instagram