Let me introduce myself


I’m Fiona, a family photographer from Devon, but you’ve probably figured that much out already, right?

So, what else am I?

I’m obsessed with the colour blue - the ocean, the sky on a summer day (or bright winter day for that matter), my favourite jeans and comfy jumper, my son’s amazing eyes. There is way too much blue in our house.

I always drink my coffee black and wine white, unless it’s 2°c or below when I switch to red- I don’t know why, it just makes sense to me

If ‘Carlsberg did cities’, it would be San Sebastien - it has everything; the sea, the beaches, the food, the mountainous backdrop

As a child I desperately wanted to be able to draw and paint but I’m shocking at both…..’grown up colouring in’ is my consolation.

Curling up with a good book sounds far more appealing than binge watching TV but in all honesty, I’d love to have the time to do either.

The smell of the sea and sun-dried bedsheets or seeing cows wander a field in the evening light make me nostalgic for my childhood

Dogs win over cats, always. 

I love a good winter storm but bury my head under the pillow in a thunderstorm. 

I hate spiders but cobwebs in morning dew are one of life’s simple beauties.