Don’t you think that children come alive when they are outside and playing? 

That timeless pursuit of exploring the world around them that can really bring out the child’s inner spirit of adventure.  That’’s why I love outdoor photography, because it allows me to capture that spirit and character whilst also letting the kids - big and small - relax, have fun and be themselves.  

Let me let you into a secret 

I hate having my photo taken and I hate ‘cheese’.  I’m also not very good at bossing people around!  Therefore, I’m not going to spend an hour ordering you all around and making you all stand in forced poses, feeling uncomfortable.  I’d much rather disappear into the background and let you all explore and spend time as a family while I capture those little moments of fun and exploration.  You won’t all need to be dressed up to the nines in your ‘Sunday best’.  I want you to have a collect of family images that you will love and treasure, and, most importantly, recognise as you, doing what you love.  

How it works

We can meet anywhere from your home and garden to your favourite woods, park or beach.  Alternatively, I can suggest a location that is particularly good for the season.  

Prior to the shoot, I will take time to get to know you and understand what you are looking for from your shoot and the final images.  I will provide you with an eBrochure that gives you further information about what to expect and how the day will go.

On the day I will aim to spend roughly and hour with you at the previously agreed location.  I’ll then  professionally edit the images and provide a section of approximately 30 colour and black & white images that you will be able to view in an online gallery.   Not good at making choices?  Don’t worry, if you need any guidance, I will be happy to help by going through your images with you and advising of how you might display them.

Got any further questions or want to book up?  Get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.